“It has always been a vision of mine to develop an arm of the brand that gives back.”

Grace Vella, CEO & Founder of MISS KICK

I write this message to you as we begin an exciting chapter in the Miss Kick story.

It makes me so happy to announce, that today, we proudly launch the Miss Kick Foundation. A charity aimed at building a team around HER. With the mission to ‘Empower HER to compete, play and love the game, without limits!’

It has always been my vision to develop an arm of the brand that gives back. This has taken many forms over the years, from £1 of every t-shirt going to support girls’ grassroots football coaching and delivery to registering our very own social enterprise.

Despite the incredible life experiences playing sport gave me when I was younger, it also often made me feel like I was treated differently, received fewer opportunities and was negatively stereotyped because I was a girl who wanted to play football. Mainstream media hardly ever broadcast female sports and the kit I received was often designed for boys and men.

After careful consideration, we decided to transition the Miss Kick Foundation from a social enterprise to a registered charity and it brings me great joy to share this exciting news with you all.

In April 2021, Jayna Patel (Community Programmes Executive at the Premier League Charitable Fund), Richard Frost (Founder of First Five Marketing) and Nicky Affleck, (Former Interim CEO at the London Youth Games) were appointed to the Miss Kick Foundation Board of Trustees. Over the past few months, I have had the absolute pleasure to work with this highly ambitious, knowledgeable, and driven team to bring the Miss Kick Foundation vision to life. And over the coming weeks you will hear more about why we exist, what we want to achieve and who we are.

As part of this official announcement, I am also extremely excited to announce that the Miss Kick Foundation welcomes the appointment of its first Chief Executive, Nicky Affleck. Nicky began her journey with the Foundation back in April as Chair of Trustees, and has week in and week out, spearheaded our transition and accelerated our development. Despite losing her as Chair, we are so excited to have the opportunity to work more closely with Nicky as Miss Kick Foundation CEO and of course welcome her in as a core part of the Miss Kick family.

Over the past few years, Miss Kick the brand has made significant strides in raising awareness around the issues of inequality and accessibility for girls to play football and other sports. The Miss Kick Foundation will continue to build on this important work by accelerating the change that assists HER to win, both on and off the pitch.

We would love for you to join us on our journey and invite you to follow our socials, sign up to our newsletter and share the Miss Kick Foundation love with all your friends, family, teachers, and clubs.

We cannot wait to write this next chapter in the Miss Kick story with you!

Grace x

Miss Kick Founder

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