Building a Team for HER

Today we are proud to announce we are teaming up with Bloomsbury Football!

The Miss Kick Foundation and Bloomsbury Foundation actively engages with over 3 000 girls and young women on a weekly basis. Whether it be through social media and community engagement; or weekly football sessions and leagues, we are here to make a difference, and accelerate the change that assists her to win, both on and off the pitch!

Growing up and dealing with personal challenges like puberty is a real thing for girls and its impact can be life changing! However, not enough is done to support them to better understand the changes that are happening to them and their bodies. An eye-opening report published by Women in Sport states 64% of girls will have quit sports by the age of finishing puberty (16-17). Together, with our communities of young women, the power of youth voice and your support, we can change this!

To kick this partnership off we are joining forces to crowdfund across the 27th & 28th February 2022 and we need your help! Register below to become one of our champions now.

Here are 3 easy steps to get involved:
Step 1: sign up to be a champion here! (don’t forget to type in “Miss Kick Foundation” next to ‘Who invited you to be a champion’)

Step 2: Set aside 30 minutes on the 27th and 28th February to share the fundraising event with as many friends, family members and teammates as you can (before the day, we will give you an email and WhatsApp message that you can simply copy and paste)

Step 3: Share the love as far and wide as you can and encourage people to donate. The champion who raises the most and the champion with the highest number of donations will receive some limited-edition Miss Kick merchandise!Tips and tricks: Please don’t try to donate before the campaign starts on the 27th of February.Thank you for all your love and support.Team Miss Kick and Miss Kick Foundation

Tips and tricks: Please don’t try to donate before the campaign starts on the 27th of February.

Thank you for all your love and support.

Team Miss Kick and Miss Kick Foundation

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